Have good problem solving skills? Then capture the flag

Speaker 1


CTF Rules:-

1.Please refrain from sharing flags.

2.No Posting flags on the discord channel.

3.No public discussion on challenge details or solutions to challenges, while the CTF is on.

4.If you find a bug or issue in a problem, contact the Admin directly.

5.Please use this channel to discuss regarding the CTF. Any other discussion is strictly prohibited and will lead to elimination.

6.No flag hoarding. Submit the flags as soon as you find it.

7.The flag format is described using this regex: accessdenied{.*}, unless specified otherwise.

8.Team size is up to 4 players.

9.You are not allowed to brute-force any challenge on a server, unless specified otherwise.

10.You are allowed to ask for hints regarding the challenges to the admins, provided you can provide proofs of your approach.

11.Decision taken by admins regarding all disputes is final.

12.Your contact details will be shared with our hiring partners for recruitment and communication purposes.

Ground Rules:-

1. Treat everyone with respect. We do not tolerate any kind of harassment. If you have a concern for any reason, please contact an admin immediately.

2. Don't spread hate and be Nice .

3. Posting flags in any channel is strictly prohibited.

4. Please do not share links for pirated software, books or tools.

5. Do not post write-ups until the CTF is over.

6. Do not hack the CTF infrastructure.

7. Violation of any of the rules may lead to deletion of the messages, or even getting banned from the Discord server and AccessDenied CTF.

9. Regarding all disputes, the decision by admins is final.

9. Regarding all disputes, the decision by admins is final.

10. IMPORTANT: Have fun!