Show some skills bro! but don't get red card

Speaker 1


Rules and Regulations:-

1.Platform - FIFA 19 (Updated Teams)

2.Controller players must bring their own controller or keyboard.

3.Opponent allotment - Randomly chosen by the organizers, Half length - 6 minutes, Tournament type: 1V1 (Knockout) , Camera : Co-Op , Difficulty- World Class.

4.There will be a moderator always present throughout the course of the match

5.During an ongoing match the game cannot be paused by an individual unless the ball goes outside for a throw in/goal kick/ free kick.

6.Before pausing the participant must ask the moderator for permission.

7.Any technical difficulty found must be informed immediately to the moderators. In that case, match may be replayed.

8.A draw (tie-in score) will be resolved by extra time (Classic) followed by a penalty shootout.

9.Use of abusive words/Misconduct will result in immediate disqualification.

10.In case of any dispute the decision of the moderators will be final.